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Mesa Potamos Waterfall

In the mountainous Limassol area, there's an incredible spot you shouldn't miss - the Mesa Potamos waterfall. This wonder of nature is found in Saittas, close to Mesa Potamos picnic area and the Timios Prodromos Monastery.

The waterfall sits at an altitude of 900 meters and drops from a 7 meter height. The river, known as "potamos tis Arkolahanias," that forms the waterfalls begins much higher in the Troodos forest, passing through Platres before reaching this beautiful spot.

If you're up for an adventure, there's a very short path starting from the Mesa Potamos picnic site, that runs alongside the river, leading you to the Mesa Potamos waterfall. The trail mostly goes downhill and can get pretty steep in some places. Along the way, you'll pass by smaller waterfalls and a scenery that's definitely worth seeing.

Around the waterfall tall pines dominate the area, creating a majestic presence. As you descend to the lower levels of the forest, you'll come across Cyprus's national tree, the golden oak, standing tall. Along the riverbed, Platanus and Alder trees thrive, giving off a peaceful vibe with their graceful presence. Together, these trees create a vibrant scene, adding layers of greenery and charm to the mesmerizing setting of Mesa Potamos waterfalls.

Whether you're seeking peace and quiet or simply a moment to admire nature, Mesa Potamos waterfall offers something truly special. Come, explore this hidden gem, and enjoy the stunning natural beauty Cyprus has to offer.

Mesa Potamos Waterfall
Mesa Potamos Waterfall

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