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Trail Six Springs (6 Vryses) in Arsos

Length: 1,25km - Linear

Estimated duration: 30 minutes

Difficulty rate: 1

Starting point: On the Arsos-Agios Nikolaos main road you will see “Athkies”, the first faucet of the trail.

The Six Springs (6 Vryses) in Arsos is a short, easy, idyllic trail connecting 6 medieval fountains, suitable for everyone. The water flows all year around maintaining the surrounding flora and fauna. During the medieval period these fountains played an important role for the residents of the village by supplying themselves with the necessary water for their households and their animals. Even during drought periods, there was always water running from the fountains.

For many years, the six springs remained covered in dense plantation, until the Development Association and the Arsos Community Council with the help of the Cyprus Tourism Organisation and the Forest Department, cleared the riverbed and built a pathway for visitors to be able to enjoy these historical faucets:

The first faucet you’ll find (and the starting point of the trail) is “Athkies” which took its name from the willows (athkies) which grow around it.

The second, ''Oss’ arkatzin'' faucet was used to water the orchards of the area and next to it you will see the Byzantine monastery of Panagia Katholiki.

The third, Pano Vrysi faucet, with its very interesting structure, is found on your left by following the wooden staircase. Pano Vrysi was used by the women of the village to wash their clothes and linen until the beginning of the 50's.

The fourth fountain, Kostena, was destroyed at the beginning of the 70's to become a water tank.

The fifth, Koupas, was mainly used to water the animals. It is a small faucet with basins and can be missed during your walk. Keep an eye on your left for the signage, after you pass Kostena fountain.

The last faucet, Poulli, is a two-arch fountain and marks the end of the trail.

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