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Five Medieval Bridges in Cyprus you must see!

Cyprus is a country with a rich history and culture, and evidence of its past can be found all over the island. One of the most captivating parts of Cyprus's history is its medieval bridges, which still stand today as proud symbols of the island's heritage. These bridges are a testament to the skill and ingenuity of their builders, who constructed them using only simple tools and materials many centuries ago.

The Roudia Bridge is located above Xeros River in the Paphos Forest, surrounded by lush vegetation, including plane trees, oleanders, and pines. The bridge gets its name from the shrub "roudhi," which was once a primary source of income for the area's inhabitants during the Venetian rule. After suffering extensive damage from a powerful earthquake in the 1950s, the bridge was restored in the 1970s.

Tzielefos Bridge is one of the most famous bridges on the island, located in the deep forest of Paphos at an altitude of approximately 440 meters. It is the largest stone bridge in Cyprus and built over the river Diarizos. A waiting point is situated at both entrances of the bridge, indicating that it was the main connection point of Paphos with other districts, with a lot of traffic during the Venetian occupation.

The Elia Bridge is built over the river Finiotis, where the river Kaminaria and the river Diarizos meet. The bridge's name comes from the olive trees that grew in the area, and specifically an olive tree next to the bridge that served as a meeting point for travellers. During the medieval era, it was the only passage to Foini for travellers coming and going from Paphos.

The Milia Bridge connects Platres with the village of Pera Pedi by bridging the river Kryos. It is a single-arched stone bridge surrounded by ivy and tall trees in a magnificent landscape.

Milia Bridge

The Piskopou (Bishop) Bridge in Foini is an outstanding example of medieval architecture. Built in the 16th century, this bridge is one of 15 medieval bridges in Limassol recognized as archaeological treasures of the province.

Discover these amazing medieval bridges and experience the rich cultural and historical heritage of this beautiful island!

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