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Trail Pouziaris in Platres

Length: 9km – Circular

Estimated duration: 3-4 hours

Difficulty rate: 3

Starting point: At the junction where the Platres - Mesa Potamos forest road connects to the Moniatis – Platres – Troodos road, near Psilo Dentro

Pouziaris nature trail is located in Platres within the Troodos National Forest Park and is generally considered to be of high difficulty. It’s a challenging and strenuous hike due to its length, steep ascents and descents and constant variations in the terrain. It is suitable for adults with a good level of fitness, and I would not recommend this trail for young children.

From the beginning of the trail and for almost the first 1,5km, the route takes you through dense clusters of Calabrian pine trees, whereas during the third kilometer, and in places with the highest altitude, the trail passes through an impressive and dense black pine forest. Other endemic plants which can be found along the trail are the Golden Oak, Cyrus Rockcress, Sage, Cyprus Skullcap and much more.

Panoramic views of the unspoiled natural landscape can be enjoyed from several plateaus and viewpoints.

Pouziaris trail is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and can be enjoyed all-year-round. Having said that, if I had to recommend or pick my favourite season to visit, it would most definitely be during late Autumn or Spring when the trail is bursting with new life from all sorts of greenery.

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