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Troodos Botanical Garden «A.G. Leventis»

The Troodos Botanical Garden “A.G. Leventis” is found in the Troodos National Forest Park, on the Karvounas – Troodos road, at an altitude of 1400 meters. The botanical garden is a member of the Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) and the area is part of the «Natura 2000» network.

Walking through the pathways of the botanical garden visitors have the opportunity to find out about an extensive variety of common, rare and endangered plants. The botanical garden was created to protect, preserve and promote the flora species of Cyprus with concentration on the flora of the Troodos region. Even though it already is a well-maintained garden with a plethora of plants, there are plans to continue enriching the area with more flora species, sections and services.

Currently the garden consists of the following sections:

Visitor center and Herbarium

The center was created to provide additional information and educational tools to the visitors to learn more about the flora species of Cyprus. The trained staff, informational leaflets, maps, documentaries, specialized books, souvenirs, and many other resources can be found at the center. Also, in the Herbarium visitors can observe, through the use of stereoscopes and other equipment, a variety of fresh or dry plant samples and get any information they need from the specialized library.

Troodos Botanical Garden
Troodos Botanical Garden

Endemic plants

This area located in the central part of the garden was created to promote the unique endemic flora of the area by walking around the trails.

Troodos Botanical Garden
Troodos Botanical Garden

Riverine vegetation

The riverine vegetation, found around the two ponds, consists of both native and endemic species as well as some foreign species. The water starts flowing from the higher pond, passes through a waterfall and finally rests in the central pond.


This area holds the majority of the gardens’ trees. The range of trees includes Calabrian and black pine, cilician fir, Cyprus cedar, cypress, junipers, coast redwood and giant sequoia.

Aromatic and traditional garden plants

This section is located around the visitor center and includes aromatic and medicinal plants that traditionally are used home remedies or in cooking.

Educational yard

The creation of the educational yard is to support outdoor educational activities by schools or organized groups. It also provides a cool resting area for the visitors of the garden.

Troodos Botanical Garden
Troodos Botanical Garden

View point

Found at the eastern part of the garden, visitors can rest under the wooden gazebo and enjoy the beautiful view. One can use the telescope found there and get a closer view of the peaks of Troodos, Madari and Papoutsa up to seashores of Limassol.

Sanitary facilities and Parking places are also found at the Troodos Botanical Garden

Location: Karvounas - Troodos road. The exact location can be found here

Telephone: +357 25550091

Operating Hours: Monday-Friday 08:00-15:00, for weekends and public holidays it is advised to check before visiting.

For organized visits and information, you can get in touch with the visitors center via phone +357 25550091 or email: or contact the Platania Forest Division by calling +357 22924219 or email:

Entrance Fee: Free

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