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Trail Kastrovounos in Platres

Length: 800 meters – Linear

Estimated duration: 30 minutes

Difficulty rate: 2

Starting point: Click here

Trail Kastrovounos in Platres

Located westward of Kato Platres, Kastrovounos nature trail starts at an altitude of 900 meters, reaching its highest point at 1000 meters. Kastrovounos is a smooth, uphill, winding trail, only 800-meters long. It is also one of the few trails in Cyprus which can be hiked at night, as it is well-lighted along its entire length.

Being part of the Troodos National Forest Park, the trail is surrounded by dense forest and along the path visitors will come across pine and golden oak trees, hawthorns, and many other endemic plants and aromatic herbs.

Until the end of the trail, where the observatory is located there are many viewpoints with benches to rest, overlooking the surrounding area. The observatory marks the end of the trail, but make sure to spend some time there to rest and enjoy the magnificent panoramic views of the surrounding villages, the Troodos National Park and the Paphos Forest.

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