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Lofou village

Lofou is found 26km northwest of Limassol city, at an altitude of 780 meters above sea level. This picturesque village with its natural beauty, is the ideal destination for a short vacation or a day trip. Lofou is a wine-producing village and it’s part of the Limassol Wine Route 4, Krasochoria of Lemesos.

Its narrow cobblestoned streets, the restored traditional stone-built houses with their wooden balconies, various attractions, hospitable local tavernas and numerous holiday houses make it a popular destination.

The village was initially named Lofos because it was built amphitheatrical on a hill (Hill is Lofos in Greek). According to history, the renaming of the village from "Lofos" to "Lofou" is because of the change in the verbal communication of local farmers.

Lofou village

The main church of the village is Panagia Chrysolofitissa was built in 1872 and is located on a hill west of Lofou. In the center of Lofou the well preserved Agios Georgios chapel is found, on the south of the village Profitis Elias chapel which offers panoramic views of Kouris Dam and 3km southwest of the village Agia Marina chapel is located.

Another important landmark is the stone built elementary school which was operational up until 1973.

Additionally, Lofou has two museums worth visiting: the Folk Museum and the Olive Press Museum both featuring various preserved items from the past. Another interesting site to visit is the Faucet of Elitzi, which was the village’s source of water until 1953. The faucet is found approximately 1km northeast of the village, by walking the Lofou nature trail called Vrysi tis Elitzis (Faucet of Elitzi).

The Lofou microbrewery is a recent addition to the village when BES Beers maker, Kyriacos, decided to set up a workshop in a restored family-owned house, to produce craft beer. At the brewery, visitors have the opportunity to see the stages beer goes through to be produced. The brewery offers a delicious selection of four handcrafted beers: Pils, IPA, Porter, and Weiss.

Lofou is a truly charming village, with unique character and hospitality, that attracts many visitors every year and brings back those who have already experienced it.

Lofou at night

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