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Apsiou village

Apsiou is found around twenty kilometres north of Limassol, at an altitude of 410 meters. You can reach Apsiou by car from the main road Limassol – Kalo Chorio in the west, Louvara in the north, Fasoula in the south and Mathikoloni in the southeast. Surrounded by vines, olive trees, dense forest and the river Garyllis flowing across the foothills of the village, all together compose a picturesque destination.

There are two versions how the village got its name. According to the version of Nearchos Clerides, the village was named after the first mine workers who came from the Greek island Naxos, therefore they were Naxiotes – Axiotes – Apsiotes – Apsiou. The second version reports that several inhabitants of Apesia moved to the area and came from the name of Apesia – Apesiou – Apsiou.

Several mines operated in older times, of iron pyrite, copper pyrite and there were also two quarries, one from which soil was extracted for the making of tiles and bricks and the other for the making of plates and other containers. Today none of them operate. Also, the area is known for its unique variety of rock formations, something that challenges geologists to visit the village and study the soil and rocks.

The village is divided into upper (Pano Apsiou) and lower (Kato Apsiou). In Kato Apsiou you can visit the main church of Apsiou, Agios Epifanios, where you will see a millstone in the courtyard. Just outside the village you will find the single aisled stone chapel of Panagia Galatousas built in 1700 – 1711 with the icon of Virgin Mary Galatousa (or Chrysogalousa), dating back to the 15th century, found in the chapel. Just two kilometers to the east of Apsiou is the Monastery of Panagia Amirous, built on the foothills of Kakomallis mountain, offering breathtaking views.

For the more adventurous visitors Apsiou offers two trails: A short 1km trail starting from the village, called “Monopati tis Vaftisis” and the other trail, leads to a cave with stalactites, where the icon of Virgin Mary Chrysogalousas was found. Also, the village with its mixed terrain, wonderful climate and scenic roads makes it an ideal destination for cyclists.

Apsiou carries a great history, and it is full of things to see and do. A great destination to relax, explore the surroundings, enjoy some sightseeing and so much more. One day is definitely not enough to discover Apsiou so if you choose to stay there check out the Stone House.

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