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Lofou Nature Trail - Vrysi tis Elitzis (Faucet of Elitzi)

Length: 1) 1,5km – Linear, up to the Faucet of Elitzi and return the same way. 2) 3.5km – Circular. Continue the trail following a 2km uphill direction on the asphalt road that leads to Lofou. Estimated duration: 1) 45minutes - 1 hour if you keep it until the faucet and back 2) 1,5 - 2 hours if you choose the circular route Difficulty rate: 1) 1 if you go until the faucet and back 2) Slightly more difficult if you chose the circular version of the trail because of the uphill terrain. Starting point: A few meters outside of Lofou village on the road towards Sylikou village

Lofou nature trail begins just a few meters north of Lofou on the road that leads to Sylikou village. The route follows a downhill direction up to the historical faucet of Elitzi, which was the village’s source of water until 1953.

The easiness of the trail make it ideal for anyone to visit it and a great learning experience as the informational signs found throughout the trail provide information about the various species of the Cypriot fauna and vegetation of the area. Also, just a few meters after the starting point, there's a fountain with drinking water. The trail’s course is south of a small stream which flows during the winter months.

The faucet is found after approximately 1km. The construction of the faucet was completed in 1842 and for a century it was the village’s source of water.

Throughout the trail visitors will find many benches to rest and admire the surroundings and the rich natural environment. When visiting Lofou grasp the opportunity to visit this beautiful trail to relax and enjoy nature at its finest.

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