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Trail Kakkaristra – Apalos (Kakkaristra Gorge)

Length: 1) 3 km – Circular - up to Apalos Hill and back around the gorge

2) 7km – Linear

Estimated duration: 1) 45 minutes – if you choose the circular route

2) Not sure about the duration of the linear route, assuming around 2 hours

Difficulty rate: 1 – The whole trail is flat and easy, the only exception is the optional ascent and descent of the viewpoint at Apalos Hill.

Starting point: Cyprus Pedagogical Institute, Latsia, Nicosia

Unknown to many, which up until recently included myself, the Kakkaristra – Apalos trail can be found 500 meters southwest of Latsia, Nicosia. Having arrived at the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute, there are signposts guiding you to the starting point of the trail where you will find a map and information about the routes and the Gorge of Kakkaristra.

Along the first part of the nature trail, visitors come across an abundant quantity of fossils on the walls of the gorge (and on the trail!) which emerged from the sea, almost two million years ago. This part of the trail goes alongside of the gorge and is protected by fences to keep the gorge safe. Along the route there are benches for visitors to rest and admire this natural attraction.

For the second part of the trail one can either continue towards Tseri or go up to Apalos Hill and back to the starting point of the trail. I do recommend going up Apalos Hill to enjoy incredible views of the surrounding area.

Latsia municipality has taken the initiative to protect and develop the area by creating this nature trail, organising tree planting and hosting events in the area's amphitheatre. The Kakkaristra Gorge is one of the most important pieces of evidence that prove that Cyprus emerged from the sea and is a place of great interest to geologists from all over the world. This incredible natural attraction is definitely worth a visit.

Please note that the collection of fossils is forbidden so leave them where they belong.

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