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Trail Pikrovrysi tis Merikas

Length: 4,7km – Linear (9,4km with your return)

Estimated duration: 1-2 hours

Difficulty rate: 2

The trail starts from the Venetian Bridges, next to Merika natural spring. The trail follows a small downhill path and then continues uphill offering panoramic views of the gorge, river and the volcanic rocks. The trail has an easy to moderate difficulty rate as it is mostly flat and easy. The most impressive parts of the trail are the first 600 meters, while walking on the wooden path, alongside the riverbed of Maroullena river, and the uphill stairs.

Hikers come across impressive rocks, found only in Cyprus, which attract geologists from around the world to come and study them. The natural gorge and caves formed are definitely the highlights of the trail.

While walking uphill, the views towards the riverbed become panoramic. When finishing the uphill part of the trail the path turns into a wide dirt road.

Throughout the trail you will discover a plethora of significant endemic plants, birds, reptiles, flowers and rocks, keeping your interest growing throughout the trail. Also, in the river lives the “Natrix-Natrix cypriana” snake which was considered to be extinct since the beginning of the 1960, but it was discovered again in 1999 in the river. The black water snake is only found in Cyprus and it’s classified as endangered.

Just before the end of the trail, it connects with the E4 European path until its end point. You can then return following the same route or make it a circular route by continuing walking through the village and come across the old church of Agios Georgios, which was built in 1633, and other points of interest.

On our way back we detoured to get closer to the gorge and river. A much worthy detour which took us to the Cypriot “Clashing rocks”, as described by other visitors. Surrounded by these massive rocks you can only feel admiration and awe for this natural scenery. Also, if you take a closer look at the rock formations, and let your imagination run free, you can see human faces shaped on the rocks.

Trail Pikrovrysi tis Merikas

Pikrovrysi of Merika is a lovely trail, which will offer you a memorable experience.

Trail Pikrovrysi tis Merikas

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