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The abandoned Berengaria hotel in Prodromos

Even though ‘No Entry’ signs are visible when arriving at the Berengaria hotel, this mysterious, abandoned hotel is an attraction luring you to enter. Known as the “Hotel of Kings”, the Berengaria hotel opened its doors in 1931 and closed in 1984 and attracted mostly royalty, politicians and famous guests from around the world. It’s spectacular location and unique architecture made it the most luxurious hotel in Cyprus.

Many people believe this hotel is haunted, and many stories have been mentioned about its history. It’s been said that after the death of owner, the management of the hotel was passed on to his three sons. Their bad decisions and management eventually caused the closure of the hotel. The three brothers all died under mysterious circumstances adding more mystery to the history of the hotel. Other stories say that the manager committed suicide, others say about a young couple found dead in their room and others about a woman found dead in the hotel’s swimming pool and a young girl, all dying with strange conditions. Some people say that the spirits of the deceased still haunt the hotel. Shadows, screams, crying, have been reported by visitors and some locals.

Even though I visited the hotel many times it always excites me the same while walking through the hotel. The huge rooms with the fireplaces, impressive stairways, ball rooms, the courtyard and swimming pool, all take you back to another era. You can imagine it filled with people, music, laughter… The Berengaria hotel’s history will always remain a mystery and the secrets which haunt it make it an alluring place to visit. Who knows? Maybe next time I’ll get to see one of the “visitors” of the hotel.

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