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Vouni Village

Vouni is a quiet, traditional little village found on the foothills of Troodos mountain in the Limassol district, at an altitude of 800 meters. The village with its unique natural beauty and unspoiled traditional architecture, make it an ideal destination to visit. Vouni is one of the oldest wine-making villages of Cyprus, well-known for its quality grapes, and it’s included in the Limassol Wine Route 4 found on page 45 (Krasochoria of Lemesos).


Vouni in Greek means "low mountain". Historically, four settlements were built around the low mountain area and when the plague struck Cyprus in 1692 Pera Vounin, Velonaka and Ais Mamas settlements were abandoned. The survivors of the plague moved to the only settlement that survived, Vouni, which was protected by Saint Ioannis Prodromos, to whom the main church of the village is dedicated.

Vouni has a lot to offer to its visitors. Walking through the narrow-cobbled alleys one can admire the charming, restored stone-built houses with the wooden doors and windows. Its perfect location and unique characteristics make it a popular destination for locals and tourists. Vouni offers a selection of taverns to enjoy lunch or dinner, coffee shops and of course wineries!

Furthermore, Vouni has a lot of historic attractions for you to explore, visit the Byzantine Museum, the Museum of Folk Art, the Olive Mill (Eliomylos) and the Oenological Center where you can find out more about the longstanding heritage of the village. Another important landmark is the Primary School, which was operating for over a century, from 1850 until the 1980’s. Strolling through the village you will also come across the Venetian water basins, from where the residents of the village used to get their water from.

Vouni is an ideal destination to visit any season of the year and is one of my favourite villages. A perfect getaway from the city where you can enjoy a short break to get a taste of a more traditional part of Cyprus. When visiting Vouni I strongly recommend spending more than a day to get the most of it. Choose one of its many agrotourism accommodations such as Villa Cabernet for a memorable stay, while having the opportunity to discover the Vouni experience.

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