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Trail Choirokoitia

Length: 2km - Linear

Estimated duration: 45 minutes

Difficulty rate: 2

Starting points: 1) Choirokoitia’s central square (the trail will lead you and end at the archaeological site of the Neolithic settlement)

2) Directly opposite the churches of Agios Fanourios and Agios Nektarios, just past the parking lot of the archaeological site and on the road that leads towards Choirokoitia.

Starting from the central square of Choirokoitia village, the trail proved to be enjoyable, beautiful and well worth the effort. As part of the trail is located in a valley, there is a degree of moderate difficulty due to the varying changes in elevation.

While walking one can admire all the flora and take in the scenic landscape which also includes glimpses of the Zygi beachfront. There are several benches located along the route providing the opportunity to take breaks or spend a few moments to enjoy the views.

Approximately halfway into the trail, there is a cave, which according to local legend was used as a hiding place from pirates and to seek refuge during natural disasters.

The trail eventually leads to the archaeological site of Choirokoitia which was one of the most important settlements of the Neolithic period and is also a listed UNESCO World Heritage site.

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