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Charkokolymbos – The largest river lake in Cyprus

Unknown to many, through a unique excursion in the amazing valley of Machairas mountain, Charkokolymbos is found, the biggest river lake in Cyprus. This well-hidden treasure is located only 500 meters from Machairas monastery, at the upper part of Pediaios (Pidias) river.

Charkokolymbos got its name from two Cypriot words: The first part is from the traditional Cypriot cauldron called “chartzin” – because of the unique oval shape of the lake and the second part from the word “kolymba” or “kolymbos” – a name for a small lake or a pond.

To get to this enchanting location you will follow the river to the west (mostly) for a approximately 2,5 kilometers passing through a rocky, slippery and wet landscape, while being surrounded by impressive cliffs. Throughout this trail, you will find small natural waterfalls forming small ponds, plane trees and Nerium oleanders, reptiles and birds. The best season to visit Charkokolymbos is during the Spring months or at the end of Autumn, when the river is still flowing. Despite the season, the access to this small paradise can be challenging and difficult.

The reward of this trek is reaching Charkokolymbos. The small waterfall, which streams into the natural pool with the green coloured water and the perfect surroundings, make you realize the hidden beauty our island has to offer, and it never ceases to amaze me. The water is so clear you can see the 3-meter depth of the pond.

Charkokolymbo’s secluded location, the majestic surroundings and the impressive size and depth of this natural river lake, make it an ideal place for nature lovers to explore.

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