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Trail Vikles in Lythrodontas

Length: 2.5km – Linear (5km returning to the starting point)

Estimated duration: 1.30-2 hours (including your return)

Difficulty rate: 2

Starting point: Click here for directions

Vikles trail is found in Lythrodontas village, in the Nicosia district. The nature trail has an easy to moderate difficulty rate due to certain uphill and downhill parts of it. Also, the trail seems to be used both for hiking and mountain biking.

Along the first part of the nature trail, you will come across a viewpoint at the top of a hill where you can enjoy panoramic views of the area. The trail then follows a scenic route through the forest, passing by a small chapel of Agios Nektarios which was built in 1976 and a bridge.

Vikles trail is ideal for those who don’t have time for a full day hike, but still want to experience a short city-break to enjoy this beautiful area.

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