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Trail Xyliatos Dam

Length: 3,8km - Circular

Estimated duration: 1-1,5 hours

Difficulty rate: 2

Starting point: The trail begins at the overflow point of the dam

Xyliatos dam has been included in the “Natura 2000” program. Built in the 80's, the dam has a height of 42 meters and a length of 155 meters and a capacity of 1,430,000m³ of water.

The Xyliatos dam nature trail is a medium difficulty trail, 3,8 kilometres long. The first 15-20 minutes of the hike are the most demanding, as the route follows an uphill direction, but it rewards you with magnificent views.

The trail takes you around the dam, while enjoying the shades of the surrounding forest. Throughout this perimetrical hike there are many points of view with benches where you can take a rest and admire the beautiful views.

I believe that the most beautiful part of hiking the Xyliatos dam trail are the reflections of the surrounding trees on the water of the dam, a magical painting that accompanies you throughout the hike.

You may also:
  • Visit the Xyliatos picnic area, right next to the dam, to enjoy a lovely picnic at the end of your hike

  • Visit the Memi Mine lake located just a few kilometers from Xyliatos Dam

Memi Mine Lake

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