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Trail Aidonia in Kampi tou Farmaka

Length: 1km – Linear

Estimated duration: 30 minutes

Difficulty rate: 1

Starting point: After reaching Potamos restaurant continue for 100 meters and on your right, you will see the signage marking the beginning of the trail.

Kampi village, also known as "Kampi tou Farmaka" due to its closeness to the village of Farmakas, is found at an altitude of 860 meters, in an idyllic location, overlooking the mountains.

Aidonia (Nightingales) is a very easy, scenic nature trail ideal for everyone to visit, all year round. The trail got its name from the nightingales nesting on the numerous trees of the area. The rich fauna and vegetation of the area include walnut, fig, olive and plane trees, berries and cyclamens. Signs are placed throughout the trail, providing information about the various species of the fauna found along the way.

The trail’s course is parallel to a small stream, taking you through the majestic forest of the area. At several points of this short hike visitors come across wooden bridges. Some of these bridges were originally built during the British rule connecting Kampi with Apliki village and were fully restored when Aidonia trail was created.

The highlight of this trail is a treehouse found just after 10 minutes from the beginning of the trail. The story behind this wooden tree house is that it was built years ago by a few young residents of the area and was destroyed over the years. With the help of some funding, the support of the Youth Center of the village and the Association of Expatriates, the treehouse was fully restored when the trail was created. Noteworthy, is that the area around the treehouse is equipped with benches and kiosks making it a perfect location to enjoy a relaxing picnic.

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