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Trail Treis Elies

Length: 3km - Linear

Estimated duration: 1-1,5 hours

Difficulty rate: 1

Starting point: On the central road of Treis Elies village, after passing all the houses you will see the signage on your left.

The Treis Elies nature trail is a short, easy, scenic hike suitable for anyone, anytime of the year. It starts at the main road of the village, a few meters after the last houses of the village and ends at Orpolis near Kaminaria village.

Walking along the trail you can enjoy the rich vegetation the area has to offer; walnut trees, plane trees, oak trees, wild berries, and ivy bushes, all nourishing from the water of the Treis Elies river, also known as Drakontas river, which flows alongside of the trail. During the hike you will find benches to rest or to simply sit back and enjoy the natural environment.

This trail also offers you the opportunity to learn more about the area’s history taking you across two well maintained Venetian bridges, the Treis Elies bridge and the Mylos bridge, the remains of the church of Agios Andronikos, Drakontas river and Kremmos of Kato Mylos. The first bridge you will come across is the Treis Elies venetian bridge, with Drakontas river flowing under it. The second, Mylos bridge, connects Kryos river with Drakontas river. Both bridges were built during the Venetian period as a part of the Paphos- Morfou road, connecting Treis Elies and Kaminaria villages.

A beautiful hike to discover the hidden gems our island has to offer.

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