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Valley of Platy

Located between the villages Mylikouri, Kaminaria, Agios Nikolaos and 15km from Platres, there’s a small piece of paradise, the Valley of Platy. This is probably my favourite location in Cyprus and if you haven’t seen it yet, it is definitely worth it. Feels like entering an enchanted forest! Walk through this stunning natural landscape and immerse yourself in nature. Even though there isn’t an actual trail there, but a dirt road alongside Platy river, you can easily hike it as it is relatively easy.

I would recommend the 10km starting from Tzielefos Venetian Bridge to Komititzis picnic site (or reversed). I tried both hikes and during my last visit there we got to Komititzis picnic area by car and begun the hike towards Tzielefos Venetian Bridge.

Either way, during this journey you will see many pine trees, ferns, plane trees and even fig trees! It is possible to encounter frogs, crabs and in some cases, people have seen mouflons. Just slow down and pay attention to what is right in front of you, the sounds, the smells, the colours, and experience a mindful experience.

If you wish to start your hike or simply visit Komititzis picnic area (altitude 620 meters) you can get there in 3 ways:

  • It can be accessed from the Pedoulas – Kykkos road after Xystarouda picnic site, 5km from Xystarouda you will find a dirt road on your left and drive for around 5km to get there.

  • Another way is 10km from Kykkos monastery through Mylikouri village going south towards Kaminaria.

  • The third, easiest and most scenic route is from Tzielefos Venetian Bridge towards Kaminaria village. After 1km you turn left towards Mylikouri and after a few kms you will see a turning on your right which will lead you to the picnic area.

Even though it is accessible by all types of cars, I would recommend an SUV. During the summer months it is relatively easy but during winter months, the circumstances can change because the river overflows and floods the dirt road, making it a bit more challenging.

Also, it is important to keep this place safe so avoid driving through the valley and instead, enjoy its beauty through a nice walk.

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