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Trail Drys - Kionia

Length: 3,5km - Linear

Estimated duration: 90 minutes

Difficulty rate: 2 – Mostly uphill

Starting point: The last junction before Machairas Monastery and Drys

If you want the easier version of this trail you can start from the dirt road after the Kionia picnic site. The trail Kionia-Drys has a moderate degree of difficulty, with some elevation variations.

We started at the location named Drys (altitude 950 meters), which lies at the last junction before the Machairas Monastery. With a length of 3,5km and an estimated hike of 90 minutes, the Kionia - Drys trail reaches the highest peak of Machairas forest, Kionia peak, where you can enjoy panoramic views at an altitude of more than 1200 meters. Throughout the hike you can see the large, white telecommunications dome sitting over Kionia. The trail is well marked with E4 signs along the way and scenic rest points.

The trail finishes on the dirt road near the Kionia picnic site, where you can find a fountain with drinking water. I wouldn’t recommend this trail in the summer as most of it isn’t under shade. Also, hiking shoes are advised since the path gets quite rocky at many points.

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