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Trail Milia Medieval Bridge

Length: 1,5km - Linear

Estimated duration: 30 minutes

Difficulty rate: 3 – A trail with steep downhill / uphill

Starting point: Platres Athletic Centre

The Milia Medieval Bridge trail is located in Platres, on the road towards the Millomeris Waterfalls. The trail was created by the Platres Community Council with the help of bicycle enthusiasts from all over the island to be used both for hiking and downhill mountain biking.

Even though it’s only 1,5km to get to Milia Bridge, it is a steep route down, all the way to the bridge, so hikers are advised to be cautious not to slip and wear proper hiking shoes. The way back up is a bit easier, but very strenuous. Visitors have another choice to continue the trail over the bridge, which will lead to the Millomeris Waterfalls and from there back up to Platres.

Milia Bridge was built to connect Platres with the Pera Pedi village crossing over Kryos river. The scenery surrounding the historical Milia bridge is absolutely enchanting! In combination with the sounds of the water, birds and the dense forest make it a beautiful destination to visit.

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