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Spoon Woodcarving Workshop by Cyprus Art Retreat

I recently had the opportunity to participate in a spoon woodcarving workshop organized by Cyprus Art Retreat in the charming village of Agioi Vavatsinias. The village, nestled in the scenic mountainous province of Larnaca, this idyllic setting proved to be the perfect backdrop for this unique experience. The Cyprus Art Retreat is committed to revitalize visitation to Agious Vavatsinias by hosting engaging and captivating activities that attract people to discover the charm of the village. For more information and updates on upcoming events and news, please visit their website


The Fire Gallery is a sanctuary for artistic expression, boasting beautiful wood burl art and serving as the permanent home of DisplacedArt. DisplacedArt showcases an amazing collection of original canvases, prints, clothing, bags, and stationery from both local and refugee artists. The gallery not only serves as the place for showcasing the talents of these artists but also accommodates the woodcarving, and other workshops among its art displays.

About the workshop:

The workshop, taught in English, was led by the skilled hands and extensive knowledge of Tony, our workshop instructor. Tony's love for woodcarving, developed through years of making bows and arrows for archery, brought a contagious energy to the workshop. His careful selection of wood, each piece handpicked for its unique characteristics, set the foundation for this creative journey. To anyone considering embarking on this creative adventure, while the experience may be challenging, the guidance of the organizers ensures a safe, engaging, and fascinating experience throughout.

Reflecting on my experience, I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to explore the art of spoon woodcarving. It was a workshop that challenged my creativity, tested my patience, and ultimately left me with a profound sense of accomplishment. Working with new tools and crafting something with my own hands was both a learning opportunity and a fulfilling experience. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone seeking a meaningful and enriching experience in Cyprus.

During the workshop, participants take a lunch break in Chloe's Kitchen, where they indulge in the flavours of authentic Cypriot cuisine. Chloe's dedication to freshly prepared dishes, tailored to suit various dietary preferences, ensures that the lunch break is not just a tasty energy boost for the rest of the workshop, but a delicious and satisfying experience.


So, why not carve out some time for yourself and join in the magic of woodcarving at Cyprus Art Retreat? It's an experience you won't soon forget.

For more details or to reserve your place, reach out to Tim using the contact information provided below:

Spoon Woodcarving Cyprus Art Retreat

Location: Agioi Vavatsinias - Click here

Telephone: +357 99 893354

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