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Trail Atalanti in Troodos

Length: 14km – Circular

Estimated duration: 4-5 hours

Difficulty rate: 2

Starting point: Troodos square

Trail Atalanti in Troodos

The Atalanti Trail is one of the most beautiful hikes in Cyprus. The trail got its name from the mythological heroine Atalanta, an excellent huntress and runner, who was goddess Artemi's protégé.

The starting (and finishing) point is at the Troodos square and even though it is a 14km hike, it is relatively flat without any hard or dangerous parts. The trail takes you around Chionistra, below the Artemis Trail, starting at an altitude of 1725 meters and its highest point at 1830 meters. This lovely trail will take you through dense groves of black pines and junipers and will reward you with panoramic views. One of the oldest junipers, 800-years old, is also found on the trail.

3km from the starting point you will find a fountain with drinking water and throughout the trail you will come across information signs and scenic rest points. Approximately 5 km from the starting point you will see the entrance to an old mine tunnel, which has been closed since 1982.

The first part of the trail (around 9km) leads you to the Troodos-Prodromos Road, where you will need to cross the road and walk until you reach a wooden sign directing you to the nature trail, which will lead you to the endpoint at the Troodos square.

Atalanti trail is relatively easy and suitable for most people, definitely worth exploring it!

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