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Trail Selladi tou Karamanli - Madari Pyrofylakio (fire lookout station)

Length: 3,8km – Linear

Estimated duration: 1.5 hours

Difficulty rate: 3

Starting point:

a) By car it’s 2 km after Saranti village towards Spilia village, at Selladi tou Karamalli location.

b) From the Madari fire lookout station. Access by car from the road Chandria – Polystypos.

This beautiful trail passes through a cedar tree forest, located in the middle of the route. It offers great views of Morfou, the valley of Mesaoria and the Troodos Mountains when there’s clear weather. If you have a chance to go on this trail on a cloudy day, like we did, you will be literally walking through clouds which made it even more majestic! The trail is connected to other beautiful trails of the area, Doxa Soi o Theos, Moutti tis Choras and Teisia tis Madaris. It’s considered to be a difficult trail because of its challenging terrain characteristics, changes in altitude (uphill and downhill), irregular and steep terrain and between October - early May it might be slippery due to rain. Even if you feel tired at the end of the trail do visit the Madari fire lookout station which overlooks the area, this final uphill hike will reward you with breath-taking views!

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