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Mandria Village

Standing at an altitude of 830 meters above sea level, surrounded by deep narrow valleys and high mountain peaks is the village of Mandria.

Mandria is located approximately 35 kilometres northwest of the city of Limassol and just southwest of Kato Platres. Other nearby villages include Pera Pedi, Omodos as well as Agios Nikolaos.

The village obtained its name from the Greek word “mandria”, which means “small stables”, as it was a small settlement for shepherds. Mandria dates back to the Ottoman Empire and can be found in old maps under the name Mandala and Mandalo. During its Ottoman occupation the village was inhabited and developed by the residents of Mylavri, a nearby settlement which was abandoned for unknown reasons.

Mandria has many remarkable religious sites, such as its main church, dedicated to Agios Georgios, the church of Agios Mamas as well as the church of Ayia Paraskevi. Anyone visiting the village who wants to learn more about it, can do so by visiting the old school which has been repurposed as the Community Cultural Center.

Another thing visitors might want to do is to stop at Rotsia Hill where a huge and centuries-old pine tree can be found, with benches to relax and take in the views of the entire village. Also make sure to visit the Frangos stone bridge, with the Hapotami river flowing beneath it, or for the more adventurous spirits the Hapotami trail provides the opportunity to witness and admire the all the beauty that the village possesses.

The location and the local climate also make the area ideal for vines, fruit trees (such as apple, pear, plum, almond and olive). Do not forget to visit the local wineries, where you can taste the locally produced wines which have all been sourced from the village’s vineyards.

For those that enjoy agrotourism or who are simply looking for a place to stay while exploring and discovering more about this picturesque village and area, you may want to consider the Riverside Cottage which can be found in the heart of the village.

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