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Piskopou medieval bridge in Foini

The Piskopou (Bishop) medieval bridge in Foini is a stunning example of medieval architecture and engineering. Built during the 16th century, this bridge is one of the 15 medieval bridges of Limassol that have been recognized as archaeological treasures of the district.

Located in the Vines area in Foini, the bridge is surrounded by dense, wild vegetation, which thrives thanks to the water of the Diarizos River that flows under the bridge. The bridge has a semicircular arch with a span of 8,90 meters and a width of 2,40 meters. It is constructed with unprocessed slabs and roughly-hewn limestone at the edges.

According to tradition, the bridge gets its name from the bishops of Agioi Anargyroi, who used it to travel to Paphos. The bridge played a crucial role in connecting Foini to neighbouring villages, facilitating transportation and trade between the communities.

Today, the Piskopou medieval bridge remains a significant cultural and historical landmark in Foini. Visitors can still walk across the bridge and appreciate its intricate stonework, as well as the surrounding nature.

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