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Trail Cape Aspro - Pissouri village

Length: 5km – Linear (10km with your return)

Estimated duration: 2 hours (4 hours with return) and at least an hour to admire the views and have a few breaks

Difficulty rate: 3

Starting point: You can park behind Columbia Resort (there is a parking area) and walk the dirt road, around 200 meters to the starting point of the trail.

Cape Aspro is found around 3km from Pissouri village, in the Limassol district, between Limassol and Paphos, 152 meters above sea level. Cape Aspro is a beautiful coastline to explore, with stunning views of the sea from the top of the white stone cliffs, an ideal location for hiking. Cape Aspro has 5 trails to choose from, all leading you to spectacular viewpoints, above the cliffs. All trails require the hiker’s attention, with demanding uphill and downhills, and diverse terrain (mostly rocky), but none of the trails are considered dangerous.

The one we chose to hike, is the one shown in the map below, is around 10km with the return. It takes you all the way along the coastline, over the hills, rewarding you with stunning views from the top of the cliffs. It is a very demanding trail with a few steep uphill and downhill parts. The trail ends in a secluded beach, beneath the cliffs, an ideal spot to rest and have a swim before your return.

Keep in mind that there is no shade along the trail, so it’s advised to avoid this hike during the summer months.

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