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Adventure Mountain Park in Kyperounta

If you are looking for a place with fun outdoor activities, where you can spend the day with friends and family, then look no further than the Adventure Mountain Park. Located in the beautiful village of Kyperounta, at the foothills of Troodos, the Adventure Mountain Park offers quality outdoor activities which are suitable for all ages. Click here for the exact location of the park.

The natural surroundings and the numerous thrilling activities, along with the supervision of qualified personnel and safety equipment, guarantee an unforgettable day! During my recent and second visit there, I was happy to see that more activities had been added.

At the Adventure Mountain Park, you can choose one or a combination from the following:

  • Paintball: Suitable for persons 14 years of age or older and takes place in the Park’s arena. You will be provided with all the necessary safety equipment, which includes protective clothing, mask, vest and safety goggles. This was the first activity I tried at the Adventure Mountain Park a few years ago and I believe it’s the perfect choice if you are looking for an active game which will give you that little burst of adrenaline.

  • Woodland Paintball: As the name states this is a paintball game which takes place in the forest next to Adventure Mountain Park and requires a minimum of 12 people. The mountainous terrain definitely makes it more thrilling and challenging as the teams taking part, have the opportunity to take a more strategic approach to “eliminate” the opposing team.

  • Archery: Suitable for persons 8 years of age or older. An alternative activity which someone can try in order to test their concentration, hand and eye coordination during some target practice. Archery simply requires the ability to hold and use a bow and arrow in order to hit a target.

  • Forest Puzzle: Suitable for persons 8 years of age or older. This is one of the new additions to the activities and was recently tested, thoroughly enjoyed and unanimously approved by my friends and me. The Forest Puzzles, as per its name, takes place in the surrounding forest. This is a group activity with the minimum number of people per group being a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12. This fun and challenging game requires teamwork, critical thinking, and speed, to solve puzzles and open locks found scattered throughout the forest and returning with the pieces of puzzle found in each corresponding lock. The aim is to solve all puzzles and return at the quickest time possible. Each team’s time is registered and at the end of the year the fastest team will receive a prize set by the Adventure Mountain Park. Let me just say that for 2022 my team has been the fastest so far, so if you think you can beat our score bring on the challenge!

  • Rock Climbing: Suitable for persons 8 years of age or older. If you’re looking for a healthy dose of adrenaline, then rock climbing is a worthwhile activity. The qualified instructors will support and guide you through your climbing experience at the Park’s artificial rock wall.

  • Orienteering: Suitable for persons 8 years of age or older. It’s an adventurous and educational outdoor game which combines physical ability, map reading and direction-finding skills using a compass and a map, to find isolated check points located on a specific and predetermined route. Orienteering takes place in the forest next to Adventure Mountain Park.

  • Laser Tag: Suitable for persons 8 years of age or older. This game is played in the paintball arena, but instead of paintball guns the team members are using laser tag guns. This was also one of the games I really enjoyed with my friends during our last visit, because each team tries to eliminate the other team through strategic moves, teamwork and involves lots of fun and laughter.

  • Laser Maze: A fascinating new game which takes place in an indoor labyrinth in which you need to go through without coming in contact with the laser beams. This must be done within 30 minutes, avoiding the laser beams by crawling, climbing and jumping. If you do touch a beam, you need to start from the beginning. This game is suitable for anyone 8 years of age or older and best when played two persons at a time.

  • Tyrolean Traverse: Suitable for persons 8 years of age or older. One of the most unique activities which teaches you the method of crossing between two high points on a rope, under the guidance of a qualified supervisor.

  • Team-building Activities: Depending on the number of participants and the requested duration, the Adventure Mountain Park can put together several activities to encourage teamwork, collaboration and building trust among the group members. Team Building activities help strengthen team bonding, identify specific skills among participants, encourage communication, collaboration, team building and leadership.

  • Camping site: The park offers a camping site where someone can experience overnight stays in the heart of nature while being surrounded by spectacular mountain views. The Adventure Mountain Park can provide you the basic camping equipment, such as tents and barbeque while enjoying an unforgettable experience in nature.

Even if you are not the adventurous type, the Adventure Mountain Park has a café / restaurant where you can enjoy a warm coffee by the fireplace or indulge in the delicious food the restaurant has to offer. One can also visit the park’s Botanical Garden and enjoy a relaxing walk, while learning more about Cypriot herbs.

Prices for each activity can be found here. For enquires or to book your activity (advised prior to your visit) you can fill in this online form or you can contact the park via phone or email:

Tel: +357 97 772177 / 99 674126

Whether you are looking for adventure, want to try something new, or simply love nature and the outdoors, you can find it all at the Adventure Mountain Park!

Adventure Mountain Park

Photos featured in this article are courtesy of the Adventure Mountain Park 

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