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Yurts in Cyprus

If you are looking for a unique accommodation in Cyprus, or even a unique local experience, you may want to consider the Yurts in Cyprus. Nested in a valley just 3 kilometers North East of the village Simou (Paphos district), you will find a choice of four eco-friendly units to choose from. Specifically, there are three yurts named: Nasu, Engke, Qadan as well as the latest addition being a tiny home, by the name of Koliba. All offer an enjoyable and refreshing escape away from the hustle of the city life. Furthermore, this amazing bed and breakfast venue also understands the importance of your furry friends being a part of your holiday escape so they have a pet friendly policy.

What is a yurt?

A yurt is a traditional makeshift round dwelling, usually made from hide or pressed wool, which have been used by nomads throughout Central Asia. As the yurts were used by nomads as mobile homes they were designed to be easily disassembled, compactly transported and then reassembled in a new location. The yurts circular shape also ensures that they are resistant to heavy winds, while the materials that they were constructed with, provide great insulation and protection from the winter cold as well as having the ability to stay cool during the summer. Today, more than half of Mongolians live in yurts.

The story behind the Yurts in Cyprus

Pawel Sikorski, the creator and founder of the site, set up three wonderful yurts in Cyprus since 2013, following the traditional construction methods and techniques of the authentic Mongolian yurts. The three yurts were imported from workshops in Mongolia which promote Fair Trade Practices. People have always been curious and have asked Pawel how he came up with the idea, and it appears that it has always been a dream of his to create a magical place, a hide away, since his childhood. The creation of the Yurts in Cyprus has been the adult fulfilment of that dream while the space offers people the opportunity to reconnect with themselves. Pawel also created this eco-friendly holiday venue hoping that it would inspire others to make a shift towards more environmentally friendly and sustainable habits, while also forging a deeper connection to the healing benefits of being in nature.

The eco-friendly units

Each yurt comes with its own private deck and hammock, Wi-Fi connectivity, elegantly furnished interiors, outdoor private shower and toilet, tea and coffee making facilities, refillable water bottles (to avoid plastic usage and waste) and a wood burner with generous amounts of wood for warm and cosy winter days and nights. During the summer months, the yurt’s design provides a natural “air conditioning” that will keep you cool. Pawel also provides a portable and rechargeable Bluetooth speaker which means you can enjoy your own music.

Nasu, means "Long Life", has a large wooden balcony facing the sunset and sleeps 4 persons (two single beds and a king size bed).

Engke, translates to "Peaceful", is the most secluded, offers a stone patio facing the gorge and also sleeps 4 persons (two single beds and a king size bed).

Qadan, means "Cliff", and is named after its location as it sits right above a canyon with a flowing stream in winter. Qadan sleeps 2 persons in its king size bed.

Koliba, means "Wooden Shelter", sits at the highest point on the site and is a beautifully self-contained cabin that sleeps up to 4 persons. There’s a king-sized bed and a mezzanine level with a double bed. Koliba, has its private shower and toilet outside and a large outside deck overlooking the mountains. There is also a small kitchenette for light cooking and a refrigerator.

The delicious breakfast or pre-requested eating arrangements are offered in the Straw House, where you will also find the Honesty Mini Bar, a bar which is accessible and made available to everyone, stocked with beers, wines, spirits and soft drinks at friendly prices.

Things to do

Someone can simply visit the surrounding villages or spend a day at the beach, choose a wine route and discover the art of producing wine in Cyprus and of course sample authentic Cypriot wine. Try out Cyprus rock climbing, as Pawel is a rock climbing enthusiast he is always willing to spend a day on the rock or take one of the many guided walks with Pawel’s dog Shukra or ask for a handheld GPS and try exploring one of the many stored routes, rent a bike or how about some horse riding! The yurts might be located in a secluded area, but there are endless things to do around the area.


Throughout the year, The Yurts in Cyprus host exciting music festivals (Latin, Blues, Rock, Reggae), workshops, retreats and music events and are open to everyone who wants to experience a range of unique events in nature. Find out more about past and future events here or follow their Facebook page to be the first to know about the exciting upcoming events.

Future plans

After talking to Pawel about his future plans he has decided to make a shift towards growing his own vegetables and fruit. He believes it is the next and right step towards a more sustainable way of life for him and his guests. His aim is to provide his guests with fresh food directly from the land on the site.

Pawel also mentioned that a new sustainable unit in on its way, but we cannot reveal anything yet. Stay tuned to find out!

Photos featured in this article are courtesy of The Yurts in Cyprus

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