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Trail Fountoukodasos in Polystypos

Length: 1,7km – Linear (3,4km when including your return to the starting point)

Estimated duration: 30 minutes (1 hour when including your return to the starting point)

Difficulty rate: 2

Starting point: After finding a signpost which lets you know the direction you need to follow, the trail starts at the “Kato Vrysi” fountain, located in the oldest part of the village.

Standing at an altitude of 1150 meters above sea level, Polystypos is amongst Cyprus’ five highest villages. Hazelnut Forest (known locally as Fountoukodasos) is an easy and short trail which takes you through the village’s hazelnut forest, and also happens to be a part of the “Natura 2000” European Ecological Network.

The beautifully aged cobbled path goes downhill, through a currently dormant hazelnut tree forest. Throughout the trail you will come across a diverse variety of trees, including fig, walnut, apple and olive.

After reaching a small stream and then crossing over a bridge you will encounter two old oak trees, which have been dominating the landscape of the site for centuries. This location is an ideal resting point for both visitors and hikers; once here one can either choose to begin an ascent back to the starting point or continue walking towards the Chapel of Apostle Andreas by following the road ahead.

I happened to have walked this trail in early January 2022, however, I believe, the best season to visit and experience the trail would be during Spring (mid-February to mid-May), when the trees and the Cyprus orchid, which grows at the base of the Hazelnut trees, are blooming.

I will definitely be going back again sometime between April – May 2022 and will be updating the photos in this post. If you or your friends would like to join me on this rewarding short hike, let me know by contacting me on Instagram or by leaving me a message below. Once the date for this hike has been fixed, I will be contacting those that have expressed an interest to provide the details.

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