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Memi Mine in Xyliatos

The Memi mine is located just outside the residential area of Xyliatos village. Xyliatos is a village in the Nicosia district, 50km southwest of the capital, built at an altitude of 515 meters. The Memi Mine operated in the community during the years 1954-1971 and partly during the period between 1987 and 1990, was used to extract copper and iron.

Memi Mine in Xyliatos

A large crater has been created which is filled with rainwater, forming a beautiful lake. The unique part of this lake is the fact that the colours of the water change according to the season, due to the presence of a copper alloy at the bottom of the lake, creating a different “piece of art” each time you visit it. Dark green in winter, turquoise in the spring, while in the summer the colour changes into deep blue and in autumn, the water completely alter to a light green colour.

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