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Trail Vrytzi in Agios Theodoros

Length: 850 meters – Linear

Estimated duration: 30 minutes

Difficulty rate: 1

Starting point: From Agios Theodoros in Larnaca towards the coastal area. Click here for the starting point of the trail.

Vrytzi nature trail is found at the picturesque village of Agios Theodoros in Larnaca. The unique natural environment and the beautiful landscapes of Agios Theodoros make it a place worth visiting and exploring. A large area of the village is part of the nature conservation network “Natura 2000” and it’s the first village in Larnaca to be awarded with a Green Flag at the “Green City and Green Community of Cyprus”, for the nature trail Vrytzi and the Community Picnic Area “The Orchard of the Village”.

The highlights of Vrytzi nature trail are the impressive rock formations, the gorge and caves found along the route. The easiness of the trail makes it suitable for everyone to explore the area and enjoy the unique landscapes.

Note that there is no shade along the trail, so it’s advised to avoid this hike during the summer months.

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