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Podgorica Montenegro

Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, is considered to be a new city since it was completely destroyed during World War 2. It's built near five rivers, Zeta, Moraca, Ribnica, Cijevna and Sitnica. Podgorica may not be a very exciting city, but it has friendly people, lovely food, parks and trails leading you to beautiful destinations. I truly believe that a 4-day-stay doesn't do it justice. It's ideal location, being so close to the mountains and the seaside, I'm sure Podgorica has much more to offer.

Millennium Bridge
The Millennium bridge is built over the Moraca river, the largest river of Montenegro. The Millennium bridge is 173 meters long and 57 meters high.
Podgorica Montenegro
Ribnica Bridge Podgorica Montenegro
Ribnica Bridge is the oldest bridge in Podgorica. This beautiful and peaceful location takes you to another era, within a few minutes from the city center. It has a very easy access from the center and this lovely location is a meeting point for many tourists and locals that want to enjoy a nice walk or just relax for a while.
Podgorica Montenegro

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